Product Content Auditor

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Nathan James is looking for a Product Content Auditor to join our team to help us maintain consistent and accurate product information on our website and that of our retail customers.

We are a design-first, home furnishing company focusing on the habits of urban dwellers and first time home buyers. We pride ourselves on the best in class customer happiness, providing the highest possible quality products that are affordable for the majority and assembly that isn’t dreadful.




You’ll be responsible for auditing our product pages on our retail customer websites, e.g. Amazon & Wayfair, and actively seeking out discrepancies with our content against the truth and working to resolve them by submitting and following up on support tickets through each of the supplier portals made available to us by the Retailer. The types of problems you’re seeking out are incorrect images, product titles, bullet points, prices, product attributes and descriptions. 


This role reports to and supports the Product Content Manager who is responsible for the execution of our overall content strategy as defined by the Director of Digital Marketing. You may be wondering how this role and its responsibilities fits within the bigger picture of our business. 

Imagine this scenario: a shopper on Amazon is searching for a 24 inch cushioned bar stool and our product shows up in search results. Will the shopper click into our listing?  If they do, will they make a purchase? The mission of the Product Content Auditor is to make the shopper’s decision to buy the easiest decision they will make all week. We want our content to be easily accessible and clearly organized. A perfect page will fill the shopper with confidence that they are getting the best product for their money and will go from being a shopper to a customer.



We have a rhythm to our work and a very low turnover rate — we have yet to have a single team member opt-out. Your voice matters to us. We make change from fresh perspectives and appreciate new viewpoints, so you should feel comfortable speaking up about your values and goals.


We’re ready for the ongoing work that goes into building an inclusive, supportive place for you to do the best work of your career. Our values, workplace and our benefits are designed to support a sustainable, healthy relationship with your work. Our operating values provide the framework we use in building a healthy, resilient organization.


You can expect a mindful onboarding process with ramp-up and time to learn. You can expect a team that listens, and to be heard. You can expect to give and provide direct feedback. You can expect to work with good people. You can expect to be counted on. You can expect to do your best work and build a career here.



Nathan James is looking for a detail-oriented, focused and dependable rockstar who cares about doing things “the right way” and won’t settle for good enough or just OK product content accuracy. You don’t scan content seeking to confirm the accuracy between a retailer’s website and our internal content database. Rather, you scan content actively seeking out problems. It’s a mindset of being aware, proactive and having a dogged persistence to push open tickets to resolution and get things fixed. 

You want to be part of our Content Team for a while and you’re excited to contribute to our overall mission of creating customer happiness. Time management is super important as we all know how distracting that overflowing laundry basket can be. It would be ideal if you have experience working remotely. 

We would like to see a minimum of two years experience in a similar role including content writing or editing roles. You may have a degree or you might not. That’s not what we’re looking for. We care about what you can do and how you do it. But a non-negotiable is you must be English speaking with an excellent grasp of proper grammar and punctuation.



We offer competitive salaries and we measure this as your pay is in the 80th percentile (at a minimum) for similar roles in the Country or State from where you will be working. 

Our benefits are all aimed at supporting a life well lived, both at work and away from work.

We’re all about reasonable working hours, sharing, ample vacation time, wellness, education, comfort, and giving back. See our benefits and perks here


Applications are currently closed


There are no right answers or cookie-cutter expectations. A cover letter is not required, but those that clearly demonstrate how Nathan James would be a great fit for you and how you would be a great fit for us will be given full attention and are highly appreciated. 

We’re accepting applications until 12/09/2019 00:00:00 UTC. 

Next: We expect to take one week to review all applications. 

You’ll hear from us by 12/18/2019 about advancement to a work sample review. You will first be given a small work sample that validates your capabilities with the relevant role requirement. Then on to an interview. Our interviews are one hour to 1.5 hours all remote by Whereby video chat (no software needed), with your future colleagues, on your schedule.  

We aim to make an offer by 1/28/2020 at the latest with a start date in early February.

We appreciate your consideration in having Nathan James be part of your career. Our open conversation starts with this post. We look forward to hearing from you.