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Benefits & Perks | Nathan James

Benefits Profit Share We split a portion of the company's profits with every full-time team member. Depending on your position in the company, the % of profit share that you receive will vary. Profit share is paid out on a quarterly basis. Health Insurance Full health insurance coverage provided through Sun Life Insurance for those eligible and residing in Canada. For those that reside outside of Canada, we provide generous health insurance and healthcare stipends. Parental Leave If you are the primary caregiver of a new child, you can take up to 12 weeks' leave at 100% paid salary. If you are the secondary caregiver of a new child, you can take up to 4 weeks leave at 100% paid salary....

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Our Mission

Nathan James People-first company, design-first home.   As a people-first company, we understood from day one the importance of being fully distributed / remote. We encourage each team member to work in whichever manner that helps them perform their best. See more on our operating values. We are a design-first, home furnishing company focusing on the habits of urban dwellers and first time home buyers. We pride ourselves on the best in class customer happiness, providing the highest possible quality products that are affordable for the majority and assembly that isn't dreadful.  

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Nathan James Operating Values

Time is finite, so we are trying to solve for happiness.   The journey starts with integrity. So we aim to work with open, kind, and energetic people who get a lot of satisfaction in delivering a higher standard of work. It is important that we maintain this ideal, since people like this really enjoy working with like-minded teammates   We advocate transparency and trust so that accountability can prevail.   That being said, we don't stand for bureaucracy, roadblocks, or unreliable people—we don't play the status game. This allows for an environment of free flowing of ideas, without judgment.   We aim to play the long term game with long-term people, those who value patience and can adopt both a...

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