10 Practical First Home Essentials

There's nothing like the first night in your new apartment or home! You've got the sofa, your favorite bed frame, and a good start to wall decor to make it feel like "home." Dinner time hits, and as you unpack your box labeled "KITCHEN" you realize you forgot to buy a silverware organizer. There's packing dust everywhere and you remember that you never bought a vacuum. Soon, you decide to hop in the shower only to see an open shower with no curtain! 

Sound familiar?

We've been there. To help make that first week in your new home a bit easier, we've gathered a list of 10 overlooked home essentials for the kitchen, living room, and beyond.

Tips to overcome homesickness in a new place:

1. Light your favorite candles around your home. It makes a difference when the home begins to smell like yours!

2. Watch a comforting movie! We recommend something along the lines of 13 Going on 30 or Never Been Kissed.

3. Put fresh flowers in your kitchen and living room. (See our list below for one of our favorite simple vases from Amazon!)

4. Create a "Restaurants to Try" list of local eateries near you.

5. Unpack at least one room that you can relax in. There's nothing more stressful than trying to feel at home in a room full of boxes. Even if it's just a small area of the living room.

1. Dish drying rack

2. Set of vases

3. Vacuum (We found an 4-star Amazon bestseller for under $30, but if you're feeling fancy or have pets in the house, we recommend this one.) 

4. Multi-sized storage bins

5. Coasters

6. Silverware tray organizer

7. Kitchen/bathroom towels, set of 3

8. Knife set

9. Stainless steel toilet brush cleaner and holder (for making sure your bathroom is clean when those unexpected guests who want to see the new home show up!)

10. Shower curtain