Home Office Essentials Checklist

Featured here: our Telos office desk

For those of you who work from home, you probably know how essential it is to keep your home office organized! Whether you're working in your pajamas or opt for getting dressed each day, the environment you work in is key to having a productive day! We've gathered 10 must-have items (and tips!) to create a space you'll want to wake up and work at every day. 



1. If you've been following along with our posts so far, you probably know how much we love multi-functional pieces. Our Telos computer and writing desk can hold a 28-inch monitor and has a built-in drawer for tucking away writing supplies or your keyboard and mouse!

2. We are loving these storage bins to hide extra papers, supplies and other office items that may be distracting to the eye. Tip: try to keep your desk as bare as possible! What you aren't directly using during the day, tuck them away in these bins! Bonus: they come with labels so you'll (hopefully) be able to find everything you need with ease!

3. This $9 cell phone stand is great if you are a multi-tasker or like to see your messages displayed next to your desk at the perfect angle! 

via Moneycanbuylipstick

4. If you work from home, there's a good chance you are working on approximately a million projects at once! Time-blocking has changed the way we work! To utilize this time-management tool, assign a particular amount of time to work on a task and set the timer accordingly. This will train you to focus on one task at a time and to not spend too much time on one thing! Check it out here.

5. While we'd be the first one to say form > function, when it comes to a chair that you'll be sitting at all day, comfort always wins. Check out this one that's under $100 or this one that has a seat made of furry sherpa (need we say more?).

6. For those late nights (or early mornings!), having a desk lamp is a great idea. Here are two of our faves: Gold Desk Lamp or this Black industrial one.

7. These wireless headphones are under $50 (!!!) and let you take calls, adjust volume, and play music with the push of a button! And they come in rose gold!

8. Having a notebook is a great tool that not a lot of people use these days now that everything has turned electronic. We love to have extra paper around to write ideas that pop into our heads or to take notes in during remote meetings without having to change the screen! Plus, it'll fit snugly in your purse to carry your ideas around with you all day.

9. Sturdy bookcase (Theo) - Okay, this is the last storage item we'll mention today, we promise! We love having bookshelves in our office as a stylish and functional way to add personality to the room. Add books, plants, and maybe even a home bar shelf for when 5 o'clock hits ;)

10. Google calendar or a desktop calendar are great for setting up automatic reminders, but there's just something about physically seeing important dates or tasks on your wall that keeps us productive. Check out our favorite wall calendar here