Why you should pursue a career with Nathan James

Why you should pursue a career with Nathan James - Nathan James

Our Mission

We care about design, but we care about people more.

When it comes to our customers

It’s easy to add a tagline on your website talking about how much you care about your customers and your product. You might be wondering if that’s exactly what this is, just another tagline. But the truth is, we actually care. And we work hard every day to prove that. Here’s how we do it.

We care about your happiness.

We continuously invest into our Customer Happiness team, ensuring that we provide world-class customer service to everyone that purchases our furnishings. We offer free shipping, a 100-day return policy, and a lifetime guarantee on all of our products. Our goal is to make sure that all of our customers are satisfied with their purchase, and we go above and beyond to make sure that happens. Don’t believe us? Just ask our customers.

We care about your time.

We want to provide you with incredible-looking furniture and lighting, but we don’t want it to take forever to put together or install. All of our products come with clear step-by-step instructions, averaging just 30 minutes in assembly time. Now you can spend more time enjoying your new purchase, and less time assembling it.

We care about your budget.

High-end style doesn’t have to mean high-end prices. We use the highest possible quality materials while keeping prices affordable. 

We care about your aesthetic.

We have a passion for minimalism, clean lines, and on-trend design. It’s a passion we bring into every piece of furniture and lighting we create. We design products that fit every style: from farmhouse to modern to industrial, and everything in between. 

See, we really do care.

Does this sound like a place you’d like to work? These values don’t just apply to our customers, they apply to our team members as well. Learn more about who we are and what we strive for.

When it comes to our team

Nathan James is a company firmly rooted in our values. And those values don’t just present themselves externally to our customers; we appreciate that time is our most valuable resource. That’s why we try to solve for happiness. Although our happiness is mostly defined by our relationship with ourselves, as an organization our goal is to ensure we don’t negatively affect that baseline.

Here at Nathan James you’ll find a team of high performers, self-starters, creative thinkers and free spirits. 

We’re a young company that has successfully stayed true to our vision and values even as we’ve grown. And we vow to all of our team that these are values we’ll abide by, no matter our size. Read more about our values and see if you’d be a good fit for the NJ team.

We care about your time.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, time is finite. We trust our team to get their jobs done and hold them accountable to do so, without impeding on their daily lives. We don’t have meetings if we can help it. Yeah, take a minute to let that sink in. No endless Zoom meetings. We can probably stop there, but we’ll go on…

We care about your happiness.

We know, this may sound too good to be true. But, spoiler alert, it’s actually true. We genuinely care about our people. They are what propels our company forward. That’s why we work hard not to negatively impact the happiness of our team. 

We also offer a comprehensive benefits package, 12 weeks of maternity leave at full pay, the ability to work from anywhere in the world you choose, a stipend to purchase whatever you need to make your work from home space work for you, and so much more. Read more about the benefits and perks of joining the NJ team here.

Operating Values

Time is finite, so we are trying to solve for happiness.

The journey starts with integrity.

So we aim to work with open, kind, and energetic people who get a lot of satisfaction in delivering a higher standard of work. It is important that we maintain this ideal, since people like this really enjoy working with like-minded teammates

We advocate transparency and trust so that accountability can prevail.

That being said, we don't stand for bureaucracy, roadblocks, or unreliable people—we don't play the status game. This allows for an environment of free flowing of ideas, without judgment.

We aim to play the long term game with long-term people, those who value patience and can adopt both a micro and macro mindset.

We are humans running a business, not business running humans.

We will only thrive both as humans, and as a business by adding more value than what is currently being offered. That means being extremely consumer centric (check out our mission to see how we aim to achieve this), sharing company profit with the team, treating suppliers truly as partners, giving back to those people and organizations in need and more

To achieve this, we support everyone working in a manner that helps them perform their best—whether that is the time they work, location, or tools they use—as long as they hold themselves accountable for their responsibilities.

Nathan James is a calm company. One that isn’t fuelled by stress, or ASAP, or rushing, or late nights, or impossible promises, or consistently missed deadlines, or manufactured busywork, or incorrect assumptions that lead to systemic institutional anxiety.

We strongly value objective decision making, so we spend substantial resources to build systems and decision/thought frameworks. This also enables us to have game plans that don't get side-tracked by emotions or minor bumps in the road.

We aren't afraid to make mistakes, and more so we're not afraid to take responsibility for them.

Thus, we don't follow the typical corporate playbook. We don't pre-define nor limit an individuals career trajectory - it should come down to opportunity, desire, and demonstrable capabilities.

Lastly, We minimize our focus on negativity in tough moments, and convene around the go-forward strategy or how we are thinking about the challenge.

Benefits & Perks


Profit Share

We split a portion of the company's profits with every full-time team member. Depending on your position in the company, the % of profit share that you receive will vary. Profit share is paid out on a quarterly basis.

Health Insurance

For those eligible and residing in Canada and the United States we offer company sponsored plans that cover medical, dental, vision at 100% percentage coverage for our employees and 80% for dependents. We also offer 401k, LTD, AD&D and Life Insurance plans. For those outside of Canada and the United States we provide generous healthcare stipends to ensure you can fund similar offerings in your country.

Parental Leave

If you are the primary caregiver of a new child, you can take up to 12 weeks' leave at 100% paid salary. If you are the secondary caregiver of a new child, you can take up to 4 weeks leave at 100% paid salary.

You may also choose to take an additional 8 weeks leave unpaid as the primary or secondary caregiver. This time is meant for bonding with the new child and should commence from the date of birth or placement.

Time Off


We truly value time off. Through coordination with your manager and  teammates, we make sure all resposibilities are covered while you're away. So, feel free to unplug and unwind—no need to check in! In fact, we encourage you to embrace this chance to relax, recharge, and come back feeling refreshed.


Co-working Space Stipend

Don't feel like working from home? No sweat. Nathan James will pay up to $250/month towards renting co-working space in your city.

Desk Productivity Stipend

In addition to setting you up with our standard gear package with workspace essentials, we also offer $300 to get what you need to dress up your workspace to help you be as comfortable as possible. Whatever hardware, software, or services you need to do your job are always 100% on us. No red tape.

Employee Discount

Need furniture? We got you. All employees receive two free Nathan James products of their choosing per year. 

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