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Light Oak-Synthetic Rattan-Matte Black Sale Price$249.99 Regular Price$289.99
Matte White-Natural Wash-Pale Gold Sale Price$219.99 Regular Price$259.99
Matte White-Light Oak Sale Price$299.99
Brushed Light Brown-Seagrass Sale Price$319.99 Regular Price$369.99
Matte Black-Brushed Fir Sale Price$259.99
Light Oak-Rattan-Matte Black Sale Price$199.99 Regular Price$239.99
Warm White-Seagrass Sale Price$319.99 Regular Price$369.99
Save 14%
Wood & Rattan 2-Door Storage Cabinet | Kova Light Oak-Rattan-Matte BlackWood & Rattan 2-Door Storage Cabinet | Kova Black Oak-Light Oak-Rattan-Matte Black
Wood & Rattan Storage Cabinet Light Oak Sale Price$249.99 Regular Price$289.99
Save 15%
Wood 2-Door Storage Cabinet Natural WashWood 2-Door Storage Cabinet Natural Wash
Wood 2-Door Storage Cabinet Natural Wash Sale Price$219.99 Regular Price$259.99
Wood & Glass Door Storage Cabinet WhiteWood & Glass Door Storage Cabinet White
Save 14%
Wood & Seagrass 2-Door Storage Cabinet Brushed Light Brown-SeagrassWood & Seagrass 2-Door Storage Cabinet Brushed Black-Seagrass
Wood & Seagrass Storage Cabinet Brown Sale Price$319.99 Regular Price$369.99
Wood & Rattan Storage Cabinet BlackWood & Rattan Storage Cabinet Black
Wood & Rattan Storage Cabinet WhiteWood & Rattan Storage Cabinet White
Wood 2-Door Storage Cabinet Brushed FirWood 2-Door Storage Cabinet Brushed Fir
Save 17%
Rattan & Metal 2-Drawer Console Sofa TableRattan & Metal 2-Drawer Console Sofa Table
Rattan & Metal 2-Drawer Console Sofa Table Sale Price$199.99 Regular Price$239.99
Save 14%
Wood & Seagrass Storage Cabinet WhiteWood & Seagrass Storage Cabinet White
Wood & Seagrass Storage Cabinet White Sale Price$319.99 Regular Price$369.99

Step right into the world of style and functionality with our fabulous collection of entryway furniture and lighting at Nathan James. From the moment your guests say 'hello' to the final 'goodnight', we have everything you need to create a stunning entryway that sets the perfect tone for your home.

Let there be light! Brighten up your space with our range of flush mount ceiling lights, pendant lights, and wall lights. Each design is carefully crafted to make a warm and welcoming statement, casting a beautiful glow that adds a touch of charm to your entryway.

Stay organized and effortlessly chic with our storage cabinets and benches. They provide the perfect solution for stashing away everyday essentials, from boots to bags, ensuring your entryway remains clutter-free while maintaining its stylish appeal.

And let's not forget about our console tables. These versatile workhorses are the unsung heroes of your entryway. Not only do they catch your keys and hold your mail, but they also exude undeniable elegance. With their sleek design and attention to detail, our console tables are the perfect combination of style and functionality.

Discover how our carefully curated entryway furniture and lighting can help you create a stunning first impression right at your doorstep. At Nathan James, we believe in transforming your entryway into a gateway that reflects your unique personality and style.