We stand behind the quality of our furniture, that's why we offer a lifetime warranty.

We're not big fans of fine print but we wanted to be clear with the few limitations we have, but we think you will agree they are fair.

1. The manufacturer's warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship.

2. Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. If in the unlikely event, your item inside the box arrives in less than perfect condition, we will ship replacement parts immediately at no additional cost.

3. If you receive a damaged package that you purchased from our Nathan James website, we will work it out with the delivery company. If you have purchased from another retailer, unfortunately, we do not have control over their delivery performance. Therefore if your package is damaged, it is important you speak with them.

4. If replacement parts or products are out of stock or discontinued by the manufacturer, you have the following options:

• Wait for items to be back in stock, if not discontinued.
• Receive store credit for the original purchase price.
• Choose from a select list of substitute products at our discretion.

5. For the warranty to be in effect, products must have been used for its intended purpose with proper care as outlined on the instruction sheet and product detail page. If you choose to DIY (do-it-yourself) and manipulate the original product, our warranty will not cover any damages, and Nathan James will not be held legally responsible. It's never fun to read the dense information, but we try to give you suggestions that will benefit you.

6. This is essentially the same information mentioned in #4, but our lawyers are making us re-enforce it, our apologies. Defects resulting from negligence, misuse, improper assembly, delivery or transportation damage, accidents, product alterations, incorrect or inadequate maintenance, cleaning or care, abnormal wear, and tear, or if used for commercial purposes, are not covered by warranty.

7. You must have proof of purchase to process a warranty claim.

8. These warranties do not apply to products purchased second hand or in any condition other than brand new.

9. If you did not purchase directly from Nathan James or one of its verified retail partners, these warranties do not apply.

10. These warranties cannot be transferable and do not extend to re-sold items.

To submit a warranty claim click here.

Warranty Registration

In order to process any future warranty requests as quickly as possible, please register your furniture by following the three steps below.

1) Open a case

2) Add your email address in the requester field, your name and the subject line "Warranty Registration."

3) Attach your order receipt and click submit.

Click here to register your furniture.

Warranty Claim

Stuff happens, if your claim falls under our lifetime warranty, please follow the three steps below:

1) Open a case

2) Add your email address in the requester fields, your name and the subject line "Warranty Claim."

3) If you have already registered your product, you're done! If you haven't, then please attach your order receipt and click submit.

Click here for a warranty claim.