5 Thing to Keep You Sane This Thanksgiving

5 Thing to Keep You Sane This Thanksgiving - Nathan James

August + Monroe Calm Cream

August + Monroe Calm Cream

August + Monroe's Calm Cream will have you feeling zen in no time! Add some of their Blemish Camouflage for when the stress of it all makes you break out and you'll have every angle covered.


Nathan James Carter Bar Cart

A Kitchen/Bar Cart

You can use it as a kitchen cart to help keep your Thanksgiving dinner prep nice and organized, or a bar cart to drown your Thanksgiving frustrations in some tasty holiday cocktails.


Buy Telestrations Board Game

A Party Game

Telestrations is a hilariously fun party game that's sure to keep everyone in the family entertained and not talking politics.


Blank Recipe Book for Thanksgiving

Recipe Organizer

Write down all your recipes and keep them close at hand while cooking your holiday meal. No more juggling 5 cookbooks and trying to remember what page that cornbread recipe was on...


Bird Feeder Kit for Thanksgiving

Kids Craft Kit

This fun bird feeder craft kit will keep the kids entertained and might even have you joining in. Now it can be Thanksgiving for the birds, too!


We hope these 5 things to keep you sane help. The holidays are stressful, but they don't have to be miserable and should be a time for fun, food, and connecting to those we love!


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