The Best Modern Dining Room Ideas Of The Year

The Best Modern Dining Room Ideas Of The Year - Nathan James

Are you planning to host your first dinner party? Or, are you moving into a new space and want to rethink the type of furniture you have?

Whatever the case, you know how important it is to create a dining space that is both inviting and stunning. The ambiance of your dining room has a huge impact on the entire dining experience. 

If you're throwing formal dinner parties, you better make sure your dining room is fit for the occasion. We're not saying you have to turn the space into something out of Buckingham Palace. Instead, go for a modern-style dining room. This aesthetic will achieve the same polished and refined look while remaining inviting and relaxing.

We’ve listed some of the best furniture and modern dining room ideas to jumpstart your inspiration. These are sure to inspire you to create a space that will really wow your dinner guests. But first, you need to fully understand what a modern dining room is. Let's begin with a definition.

What Exactly Should A Modern Dining Room Look Like?

Modern design is deeply rooted in the modernism movement in the early 19th century. It was a shift from traditional designs that were heavily ornate. The main principle behind the modern design was "form follows function". This was a phrase coined by Louis H. Sullivan. This American architect is known as the father of modernism.

What Sullivan meant with this phrase was that the design of an object is dictated by its function. So, an item should be designed with its function in mind. Some people take this the wrong way and immediately think modern styles are boring, lifeless, and mundane. But that is not true at all. It can inspire designers to think outside the box and create functional and stylish furniture in ways that you otherwise wouldn't be possible.

Modern interiors are sleek and streamlined because everything is so purposely designed and arranged. Modern interior design is anything but stark and cold. Yes, it favors minimalist and monochromatic looks - but it isn't limited to just that. You can play around with bold colors, patterns, and a mixture of different materials for added visual interest.

Modern design is regarded as one of the most flexible interior design styles. It can be combined with other styles as well. So whether you're going for a classic mid-century modern look or something a bit more contemporary, the slick feel of modern design will help freshen up your dining room.

The Top Furniture Ideas For Your Modern Dining Room Design

We love to take design cues from modern interior design when it comes to dining rooms. Modern dining rooms look effortlessly sleek. This is especially true compared to a traditional dining room. They're formal in that they look polished and refined but in a more laid-back and inviting way.

If you want to give your dining room a modern upgrade, you don't have to tear down any walls or renovate entirely. Switching out your current pieces for some trendy modern dining room furniture is all it takes to transform your space entirely. Here are some of the top furniture ideas you should consider for your modern dining room design:

Modern Dining Table

Most modern dining tables come in a neutral color scheme, such as white, black, and grey. White is usually a safe option for most dining spaces. It can instantly brighten up a room. But for a truly modern style, don't be afraid to go bold.

Choose a black dining table instead, and match it with your walls by painting them a dark color. Using dark colors can make your dining space feel more intimate. This is great for wine nights and deep conversations with friends. For added texture and character, mix in some metallic accents. Black and metal are a very eye-catching duo. They can instantly make your dining room look elegant and refined.

If you want something a little more eclectic, choose a solid wood or glass dining table. Then, pair it with some geometric wall art or carpets. When using loud and bold elements, balance them with some simple, subtle furniture.

If you love to have guests over, but live in a small space, a dining table with drop-leaf sides is a great space saver. You can expand the sides whenever you have dinner guests and keep it folded for everyday use.

Modern Dining Room Counter Table & Bar Stools

Want to steer away from the traditional dining room setup and elevate your dining experience? If so, opt for a counter-height table and some bar stools instead. Counter-height tables are great for entertaining guests. People can either sit or stand next to the table and still enjoy their food and drinks with ease. With traditional dining tables and dining chairs, you and your guests are more or less forced to sit down.

Counter-height tables and bar stools also have a more casual feel to them. This makes them perfect for modern dining room sets. They also have more leg space which is great if you live in a small apartment. Leggy furniture can make your dining room look bigger than it is because of all the open space underneath compared to a typical dining table and dining chairs.

Modern Dining Room Headboard

For a cozier dining room setup, place a bench next to an unused corner in your living space. Add some muted bench cushions and a headboard for extra comfort. Hanging headboards made from vegan leather are super trendy in modern dining spaces. For the final touch, mix in some throw pillows, and you've got yourself a super chic modern corner dining nook.

To make your dining nook more personal, frame some of your favorite photos and hang them above your headboard for some DIY wall art. Or you could also find a statement-making light fixture to bring your dining nook together.

Modern Dining Room Bar & Serving Cart

Serve drinks to your guests in style with a modern bar cart. A glass or wooden bar cart with metallic frames is an elegant addition to any modern dining space. They make great accent pieces, but they're functional too. You can use them as extra storage when your liquor cabinet is all filled. Or, you can use them to store snacks.

And although they usually come with wheels, you don't have to move them around. You can keep your bar cart in one place and even use it as additional shelving. Instead of just storing drinks, you can place your favorite houseplants, reading material, and other accessories, too.

Modern Dining Room Storage Cabinet

Need some more storage in your dining room? These modern storage cabinets are a great place to hold your favorite drinks and dinnerware. They also double as accent pieces that can enhance the ambiance of your dining area. The wooden and rattan finishes help add texture and warmth.

Place your modern storage cabinet next to the wall behind your dining table, hang a large statement mirror or some wall art above it, and you'll have the perfect accent wall that acts as a gorgeous backdrop while you eat.

Dine In Style Using Nathan James Modern Dining Room Furniture

Are you excited to host your first dinner party? Get your dining space ready with modern dining room furniture from Nathan James—the one-stop shop for all your modern furniture needs.

We have everything you need to create a modern dining room! No matter what your taste is or how much space your dining room has, you're sure to find the right furniture to achieve the look you're going for at Nathan James. 

Plus, we also made sure to make our furniture super easy to assemble. With the right tools and with the help of our instructions, you can set up these pieces in just under 30 minutes. They're totally hassle-free. 

If you're planning to redecorate other spaces in your home, such as your bedroom, living room, or home office, we also offer modern bedroom furniture, living room furniture, and home office furniture. We also have more design ideas for each room in your home. Learn more about modern bedroom furniture ideas and modern living room design ideas in our blog. 

Give your dining room a fresh start by upgrading your furniture to Nathan James' modern dining room furniture. All these pieces are found on our website and with a click of a button they could be yours.

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