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Black Oak-Gold Sale Price$399.99 Regular Price$459.99
Warm Pine-Gold Sale Price$399.99 Regular Price$459.99
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Mid-Century Fluted 3-Drawer Dresser BlackMid-Century Fluted 3-Drawer Dresser Black
Mid-Century Fluted 3-Drawer Dresser Black Sale Price$399.99 Regular Price$459.99
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Mid-Century Fluted 3-Drawer Dresser Warm PineMid-Century Fluted 3-Drawer Dresser Warm Pine
Mid-Century Fluted 3-Drawer Dresser Warm Pine Sale Price$399.99 Regular Price$459.99

Look no further than Nathan James for some seriously gorgeous dressers that won’t make your wallet cry. We’re all about bringing you designer quality furniture without the hefty price tag. Our dressers include finishes like rattan cane that adds a touch of chic, leveling glides for that always-perfect fit, and powder-coated metals for a sleek look that lasts. And let’s not forget about the storage space—tons of it to keep your stuff neatly tucked away. With Nathan James, you’re getting more than just a dresser; you’re getting a piece that’s all about style, durability, and making your life a bit more organized.