4 Simple Ways to Create a Boho Style Home

4 Simple Ways to Create a Boho Style Home - Nathan James

Boho is one of Nathan James's all-time favorite interior styles, and we've got a full boho collection to prove it. But what is boho style? Boho home decor is an eclectic mix of styles and natural elements. Bohemian style combines a wide variety of colors, patterns and rustic textures.

For our boho collection we have included elements such as natural rattan caning, light and warm wood tones, matte metals, and boucle fabric. These elegant elements feature in our extensive line of boho-inspired furniture. But how to achieve this look throughout your home? Keep reading for our top 4 super simple tips on how to achieve the boho chic home aesthetic.




Invest in staple key boho-style pieces such as bookshelves & get creative with decor

We love a good boho #shelfie. But what is the best way to accessorize our line of boho bookshelves? Keep it simple and a little eclectic! Include stoneware, ceramic vases, pampas grass, and woven textures for that eclectic boho feel. We have tons of bookshelves with light wood tones that will fit perfectly in your space, like our best-selling Theo storage bookcases with rattan detailing. Don't be afraid to get creative with decor! See below for a little creative decor inspiration. 




Keep Wood Tones Bright and Light 

Our boho storage cabinets and sideboards are some of our best sellers, and it's easy to see why. Our Kova Cabinet has beautiful natural light rattan caned doors with sleek, matte black hardware and legs. Our Enloe Cabinet has a crisp painted white cabinet body, with light wood herringbone-patterned doors and gold hardware and legs.

These pieces mix well with light wood floors, eclectic style rugs and thrifted decor. The key to achieving a boho aesthetic is to keep your main furniture pieces light and bright and be intentional about adding dark decor elements such as a black ceramic vases or decorative ornaments. 



Add a Little Indoor Greenery

Now that you have decided what key pieces you want in your home, what is the best way to decorate in a boho style? Look to nature for inspiration. We are talking houseplants, flower arrangements, succulents and indoor trees. Bringing the outside in adds natural pops of color and keeps your space feeling fresh and bright. You could even try growing your own herbs. With houseplants you can also get creative with vases, terracotta pots and thrifted bowls. Our Theo Bookcases are the perfect pieces to place hanging succulents and green houseplants.



Mix Styles 

The boho aesthetic is ALL about layering. Don't be afraid to mix it up to achieve a natural and eclectic look. Try visiting a flea market, charity store, or vintage furniture store and bagging a bargain such as a vintage vase or area rug. You could then pair these with pieces such as our  Tucker Side Table , Mina Media Console or  Theo Ladder Bookcases. Not only is thrifting furniture a fun day out, but mixing old and new pieces will make your home unique to you and your personality.



So, there you have it! 4 super simple tips on how to achieve a boho home aesthetic. All you need are a few staple pieces such as the Mina Side Table, Kova Cabinet and Theo Bookcases plus a little eclectic decor and you're on your way to a chic boho home!  

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