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5 Ways to Make Your Home More Elegant and Cozy for the Holidays

5 Ways to Make Your Home More Elegant and Cozy for the Holidays - Nathan James

Are you tired of your home looking the same every holiday season and crave a festive and elegant home decor refresh that will not only look great for the holidays but beyond? Keep scrolling for our easy Christmas decor ideas plus our 5 Top Tips on how to make your home elegant for the holidays, without breaking the bank.

The festive season is soon approaching which means you want your home to look stylish and ready for entertaining friends and family. But how to decorate your home elegantly at an honest price? Here's the key: Instead of spending a small fortune on decor and furnishings you won't ever use again, try investing in capsule pieces you will use time after time throughout the seasons and years. Whether it's a quick room refresh by switching out the lighting, or a stylish addition to your kitchen by adding bar stools to accommodate extra guests during entertaining season - you can make your home feel festive in a timeless, stylish and elegant way. The real secret is invest in staple pieces, be bold and mix up traditional Christmas decor with a modern twist for a perfectly elegant and cozy home.


How to make your home feel instantly cozy? Lighting!

You're busy, you're on a budget and you simply don't have enough time to makeover your whole house, but you want your space to feel totally new and cohesive just in time for holiday guests. Not to worry, we have the answer. The most cost effective and quickest solution to transform and refresh the feeling of your space just in time for the holidays is..... lighting. Yes, it really is that simple! Hear us out, for an instant lift, try the Ophelia Light. For an extra cozy vibe, try the renter friendly and super stylish Tamlin. You see, home design doesn't have to be costly or complex, with lighting, you can refresh your space easily. 




Here's an idea: create a cozy bar area for festive parties where guests can gather.

Want to create an entertaining area for family and friends but don't know where to start? Bar stools are the easiest and most cost effective way to create a hangout zone and extra seating. Investing in chic and timeless kitchen stools will also give your kitchen an instant facelift without the fuss (and cost) of remodeling. Why not try our brand new Dominique Bar Stools or Linus Stools for a timeless and elegant aesthetic that will not only look great for Christmas, but all year round.




How to achieve a luxe home aesthetic for the holidays without breaking the bank?

So you're after the designer look for the holidays, but at an honest price, right? Not a problem. The answer to achieving an elegant and chic aesthetic is, be selective and bold with the pieces you're investing in. Take our Theo 6-shelf and  Kova Sideboards, they work in perfect harmony together but are also stand out pieces all by themselves. Here's an extra handy tip for when you start decorating: If you push two Kova Sideboard Cabinets or two Enloe Sideboards together this makes for the perfect console table to layer festive decor. If you choose key statement pieces like the Kova or Enloe, you can easily soften the rest of your space with festive decor such as natural green garlands, and elegant festive candle sticks. 



How to create a 5 star hotel bathroom aesthetic just in time for holiday guests? Designer-style lighting!

Do you have guests staying and want to do a quick bathroom refresh? The easiest and most cost effective way to transform a tired restroom into a 5-star hotel bathroom is designer-style lighting. Why not try our Mable or Frank Bathroom Light for a stylish statement but at an honest price. Your guests will love it, and so will you! 



What is the best way to create a cozy and elegant aesthetic that will look good in all seasons? Gold lights + accent walls.

So you have guests staying for the holiday season and want to refresh your space but also want your home to feel good well into the new year and beyond. The answer? Gold lighting and darker accent walls. Lighting is a super easy way to transform the whole vibe of a room, so why not try our brand new luxe Leigh Pendant Light? Bold accent walls may be a brave interior design choice, but they work all year round. In winter, a dark accent wall makes a room feels cozy, and in summer a bold accent wall makes a room feel larger whilst creating a striking aesthetic. If you are nervous of choosing a dark color, you can easily lighten up an accent wall with bright fresh decor or furnishings in a lighter colors such as our Theo Desk. You see, with home decor and interior design, making bold decisions always pays off. 



So there you have it! 5 super easy ways to make your house elegant and cozy just in time for the holidays and beyond. Now, that's all left to do is make a few glasses of egg nog or mulled wine, get creative and bring all your Christmas decor ideas to life! Happy decorating! 

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