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Fall Decor and Home Ideas

Fall Decor and Home Ideas - Nathan James

The season of cold days, cozy nights, and pumpkin spice lattes is here. Fall is the perfect time to transform your home with warm tones, darker furniture, cozy decor and natural textures. But what is the best way to give your home a Fall refresh without breaking the bank? We say invest in a few key pieces that look great and spark joy. Below you will find quick and easy tips for achieving a timeless and gorgeous Fall home.


Warm and Dark Woods 

Fall is all about warm tones and a darker aesthetic. Choose a piece like our Doxa Coffee Table to create the ultimate statement piece that is full of character. 



Go Minimal and Intentional 

Just because it is Fall doesn't mean you have to go gaudy with the decor. If chic and minimal are more your style, instead of Halloween, go for a harvest festival theme. Think white ceramic pumpkins, dried branches and plenty of warm wood tones. Choose a select few pieces like our Stella Coffee TableTheo Bookcases, or Enloe Sideboard Cabinet that are practical, stylish and spark joy.



Create a Warm and Cozy Nook

Here is an idea! Have you ever thought about using a headboard to create a  banquette seating nook? Why not try our Harlow Headboard. The autumnal brown will create extra warmth and an area of visual interest within your space. 


Create a Fall Home Café

There is nothing better than getting a piping hot PSL from your favorite cafe whilst reading the morning papers on a cold Fall morning. Guess what? You can easily create the cafe vibes from the comfort of your own home. With our  Amalia and our Lucy Bistro Tables, achieving a cafe/restaurant aesthetic in your kitchen is easily achievable.


So, there you have it! Your cozy and chic Fall home is easily achievable with a few simple home design tips and tricks. Now, you must excuse us, we are on our way out to get a pumpkin spice latte and cuddle up by the fire! 

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