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5 Timeless Design Tips

5 Timeless Design Tips - Nathan James

Trends come and go, but timeless, classic design never goes out of style. If you want to achieve a look that will last, below you will find our Top 5 Tips for achieving a modern, yet lasting aesthetic. 

Stay Away from Trends 

This might sound obvious but try to steer clear of trendy interior fads. That's not to say you can't play with trends, there are certain elements of some trends that resurge every now and again and stand the test of time - for example, rattan. Our Theo Storage Shelves with rattan details are both modern and timeless. Rattan has been huge this summer but, then again, this trend has never truly gone out of style. Stick to timeless styles and your home will look classic for years to come.




Work with a Neutral Color Palette

Grey, cream, and varying shades of white and nudes never go out of style. Working with a neutral palette provides a perfect canvas for you to design your space and add pops of color. Adding pieces such as our Enloe or Theo Bookcase Shelves is an easy way to add warmth and dynamics to a white or neutral space. 




Mix Old with New 

Mixing antiques and thrifted finds with brand new furnishings and home decor will add a timeless aesthetic to your space. Take our Gold Sally Bar Cart , we paired this modern sleek bar cart with a classic Chinoiserie-style decorative vase for a classic yet modern coastal aesthetic. 



Clean Lines and Symmetry 

Designing a focal point in each room especially if you are working with a small space is the easiest way to create a seamless classic look. How? For example, If you have a kitchen island, consider investing in our sleek bar stools such as our Hylie Bar Stools.The clean lines of the stools and symmetrical styling create the illusion of endless space and balance.





Don't Overcrowd your Space 

Simplicity is the epitome of timeless. With classic pieces such as our Enloe Side Cabinet and our Parker Desk you don't need to over clutter. Pick a select few home decor items that spark joy and perhaps a coffee table book or two and style these items with intention. Remember, with design, function doesn't always have to be functional. The function of a well placed home decor item could be visual balance, and that is just as valid as a home item that serves a practical purpose.  



So there you have it! Achieving a timeless home aesthetic is easy. All you need are a few classic pieces and a little creative vision for your space and you are good go. Remember, the best way to achieve a timeless home aesthetic is to select pieces, decor and styles that suit your lifestyle and spark joy. Happy decorating! 

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