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Easy Dorm Room Decor Solutions

Easy Dorm Room Decor Solutions - Nathan James
Back to School is here. Dorm rooms are hardly architecturally inspiring spaces to work with, but not to fear, there are plenty of easy and cost effective dorm room decor solutions and tips to help brighten any room. With our simple hacks and tricks you can transform a boring dorm room into a fabulous and functional space.


Create a cozy study corner. What is the best way to not dread long study sessions before important exams? Create a space you love! Our Theo Desk is a perfect small space solution for any study or work area. Our Telos Desk ( pictured above) is also a super stylish and functional option. 



Prioritize rest with a stylish bed area. Getting a good sleep is essential for focus whilst studying. What better way to prioritize rest than to create a calm and stylish bed area? It is so simple to do! Simply use our Remi Tufted Headboard ( which is so easy to install and currently on sale) and layer the bed with comfy cushions and extra blankets.


Create extra storage, but make it stylish! Our Theo Ladder Bookcase with a gold finish is a perfect storage solution. You can stack books, layer boxes to house your stationary and trinkets and even add a hanging plant for fresh detail. Our Oraa Side Table with its fabric storage base is also perfect for storing extra books, bags and blankets, and perhaps some midnight snacks.

 Invest in practical pieces. Our Side Tables is not only stylish but practical. The faux leather hammock provides extra storage which is ideal for books, notepads and school knick knacks.

So there you have it! Easy, simple and most importantly affordable solutions to help ease back into school life! Don’t forget to share your dorm room style by using the #nathanhome 

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