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What Inspires Us

What Inspires Us - Nathan James

Here at Nathan James our creative brand team are always on the lookout for trends and styles that spark our imagination. In this blog we will explore the colors, spaces and styles inspiring us right now. 

Colors we love for summer and beyond

Deep moody jewel tones, warm neutrals, and bright whites are some of the colors we love right now. Below we breakdown the hottest colors for the home this summer and beyond.

Bright White

Crisp, clean, with just a touch of warmth—bright white is one of our favorite colors right now. It works beautifully as a neutral wall color, and is the perfect foundation for laying accessories and furniture that suit your personality.

Deep Teal

We are currently obsessed with deep moody jewel tones. This shade of deep teal works great if you want to create a sophisticated but eclectic vibe for your home. Deep teal and charcoal also works wonderfully for accessories or bold accent walls.



Earth tones are at the top of our list right now, and warm, deep mustard fits right in with that palette. Warm mustard is a tone that feels perfect for spring/summer, but also fits in when fall rolls around. This is a color that pairs well with the boho-chic aesthetic. Think rattan lamps, indoor plants and cream blankets.

Spaces and Places

From tiny studios to colorful play rooms, these are some of our favorite spaces right now.

The First Apartment

The first apartment is a huge step in anyones life, and when choosing furniture, balancing style and budget is paramount. Lately we've been glued to Tiktok and have been inspired by creative rental hacks that allow renters to customize their space on a small budget, but are temporary and security-deposit-friendly. There are so many easy and creative solutions out there, it just takes a little time and patience to make your rental space your own. TIP: Buy affordable furniture with easy assembly - this is the quickest way to make your house feel like a home without making major structural changes. Currently we are loving the Izsak Console which can really transform the space under your TV.

Media unit and TV by a staircase


The Starter Home

First home renovations and makeovers have been giving us major inspiration lately. For a first time buyer it is important to convey a bold touch of personal style through furniture and decor that is quality, affordable but also timeless. We love seeing spaces that have been decorated with care and attention- to-detail. It is so important to remember that with home design and decor, having fun and making your space your own is key. TIP: why not try our Theo shelves for an airy yet practical storage solution.


The Home Office

This one is for our fellow work from home warriors. As a fully-remote company, we love seeing our furniture used to design spaces that we’d want to work in. Our work from home spaces need to serve many functions. Offices need storage and a clean, practical workspace. A home office also needs to feel inspiring. Your work zone needs to be a space you actually want to be in. Home decor and practical shelving solutions like our Theo will help to keep you, the WFH warrior motivated all-day.


The Studio in the City

We love a good design challenge, and lately we’ve been inspired by rooms that push space to the limit. We love seeing our Theo bookcases used to separate spaces. Our side tables such as the Kensi are super stylish and elegant and also provide extra storage which is perfect small spaces. Picking furniture with extra storage helps small spaces feel uncluttered and chic. Every square foot counts, don't you agree?

The Kids Room

From playrooms to nurseries, rooms for kids are just too much fun! Lately we’ve been inspired by bright, neutral, earth-toned nurseries that feel stylish and also soft. We’re loving mixed woods and metals that give a children’s room a layered and cozy feel. 

The Dream Closet

Sneaker heads and Carrie Bradshaw mega-fans, listen up! Some of our favorite spaces lately are spaces that don’t usually get a lot of love—closets. We love a beautiful, open-concept closet space with tons of organization. To accomplish this, we recommend mixing and matching our Theo shelves to create the ultimate storage system. 


Book Shelves in a closet with a leather chair


Styles and Trends

We as a creative team have very eclectic taste and below you will find some of the hottest trends for 2022 that we are obsessed with.


Coastal Grandma

If you have ever watched a Nancy Meyers film you will recognize the Coastal Grandma style trend. The term was originally coined by Lex Nicoleta on Tiktok and to summerize the style think; Diane Keaton’s seaside house in Something’s Gotta Give and then take inspiration from style icons such as Oprah, Ina Garten and Martha Stewart. Coastal Grandmother style is timeless and effortless. Think Ralph Lauren white crisp shirts, blue floral lamps, white sofas and fresh flowers. Our Sally bar cart is the perfect Coastal grandmother piece.



Post Modern

Post modern style is where pop culture and interior design meet, and then have a super wild color party. Picture organic shapes, bright colors, and sculptural furniture pieces. This style is all about individualism and thinking outside the box, so go crazy, and have fun—the sky is the limit!

Dark Academia

This one is for all our fellow Harry Potter fans. Have you always wished you could live at Hogwarts, curled up in a reading corner drinking some pumpkin juice? Well, the dark academia style can transform your dreams into a reality (well, sort of). This style consists of dark moody colors, intricate patterns and ornate details. We love our dark Enloe sideboard for this trend.


Whatever space you're working with and whatever style you prefer, just remember when it comes to decorating your space, the most important rule is to buy pieces that spark joy and make your house feel like a home. For the most stylish and affordable furniture, Nathan James will always be here to help! Feel free to have a look around our website to find your perfect pieces. Happy designing!

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