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5 Simple Summer Home Decor Ideas

5 Simple Summer Home Decor Ideas - Nathan James

Summer is well and truly here and there are a plethora of home decor and interior trends, styles and furniture pieces we are loving! We, the creative team at Nathan James, breakdown our favorite trends and home items for summer.


Here at Nathan James, we are going crazy for all things rattan, wicker and woven.

With texture being at the forefront of interior home trends of 2022, rattan furniture is a chic addition to any home. We love how Natalie Doef styled her Theo Rattan Storage shelves The use of indoor plants really invites nature inside the home, which is especially perfect for summer.



>TIP: Rattan furniture can be used as a simple and elegant way to introduce a natural rustic accent to any space, like our Hayes Side Table.



Styling under or around a TV is always tricky, after-all it is hard work making a large TV look chic! One way to combat this is adding a rattan piece of furniture which will lighten up the space and draw the eye away from the TV. Our Mina Rattan Media console creates a bright airy feeling whilst adding a bold design touch. An added tip is to add a house plant or olive tree right next to the TV to create further visual interest.



Coastal chic

Coastal chic is a must for summer. This is a timeless trend that isn't going anywhere soon! Think effortless nautical east-coast style paired with fresh white flowers, blue tones, white sofas, and chic statement pieces. But you don't have to live in a coastal area to access this style — Our Brandon Shelves are the perfect addition to any kitchen.



We love how The Martinez Casita styled our Mina Side tables. Bedrooms should be peaceful zones where all you have worry about is relaxing and getting a good nights sleep. The neutral colors, and bright details as well as the beautiful statement art piece in The Martinez Casita make for well-curated and tranquil bedroom space.




Japandi blends the modern sleek lines of Scandinavian design with the elegance and minimalism of the Japanese home aesthetic.⁠ Think neutral colors, mixed with ceramic vases, dried flowers, branches, and a mixture of light and dark woods. Our Doxa Coffee Table mixed with our Amalia Bistro Dining Table creates the perfect eclectic mix. Tip: style our dining table with wooden boards, and a large statement vase.




A stylish apartment with a sideboard and cream sofa


Quirky style is entirely personal! Whether you are someone who loves playing with contrasting color or like Austin Rutland, prefers the vintage mid-century eclectic look, this is a home-decor style you can have fun with this summer. Our Parker desk is the perfect vintage-style piece for the eclectic-style lover. 


TIP: Vintage and thrifted finds are key! Alivia Fields styles our Enloe Sideboard Cabinet with quirky thrifted and vintage home decor accessories.



Bold Bar Carts

Summer is the season for entertaining! An essential summer entertaining item is a bar cart. Bar carts are not only practical but also fun to decorate and make your own.

Bar carts are perfect for storing cocktail equipment, wine, beer, and quirky home decor pieces. The great thing about quality bar carts is that they can have multiple-uses. @potatoislike gets creative and uses our Sally bar cart as a cozy coffee station.



Bar carts can also be used as a design statement in any space. Our gold Sally bar cart really fits in with the coastal chic trend that is so popular right now. Consider adding fresh flowers and coffee table books to your bar cart for a simple summer home decor refresh.



In conclusion, whatever summer style trend speaks to you, remember home decor is all about expressing your own personal style. Whether you like the coastal chic look, the Japandi aesthetic or you have fallen in love with rattan, this summer remember to invest in pieces that spark joy and make your house feel like a home. Happy summer decorating!

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