Transform your Home into a French Countryside Escape

Transform your Home into a French Countryside Escape - Nathan James

“On ne voit bien qu’avec le cœur.”

One sees well with the heart -  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Escapism. The dictionary defines escapism as a 'diversion of the mind to purely imaginative activity or entertainment as an escape from reality or routine'

But what if escapism doesn't need to be purely imaginative? What if escapism isn't fueled by an avoidance of reality, but more a desire to seek beauty, joy, and ALL the good things life has to offer? Your home and daily routines are a great place to start to inject a little everyday romance into your life.

Romanticize your Life 

Here at Nathan James, as a remote first company, we love to romanticize the mundane. Boring morning coffee? No thanks. We prefer to regard our morning coffee as a luxury rather than a perfunctory necessity,.  Before starting work, we like to gather our thoughts, reflect on the previous day and treat ourselves. How do you romanticize something you do everyday we hear you ask? Well, take our morning coffee - instead of going through the motions, we make sure to add small romantic details to brighten our morning. For instance, we press play on a curated french music playlist on Spotify, open our doors and windows to let fresh air into our space, and then steam oat milk with a little cinnamon. You see, these small details that take virtually no extra effort really do make all the difference. When you start to ‘see’ with ‘your heart’ and slow down a little, life starts to open up and everything feels more colorful.

A french at heart home

This french at heart philosophy, we believe, can also extend to the home. There is no reason you need to own a grand chateau in Cannes or hire a team of expensive interior designers to create a timeless contemporary interior style. With a little imagination, strategic buying, and plenty of romance, everyone can transform their space into a contemporary french countryside escape. Below we show you how! 

Invest in Capsule Pieces

Our ethos when it comes to furniture is, quality over quantity. Be strategic with what you buy. For instance, take our Mina Media Unit, this would pair well with our vintage style Parker Desk, and Theo Storage with rattan details. These three pieces of furniture are eclectic, yet pair perfectly together. Once you have your main pieces, you can then plan complimentary accent furniture items. For instance a light blue wash rug, a large statement vase with a dried branch, and a vintage painting. TIP: Start with the basics and then work out.


Create a Home Cafe 

 Our Amalia bistro table brings a touch of  french cafe to your home. Decorate our bistro table with a statement vase filled with lavender and a bowl of fresh fruit such as lemons. So many kitchens have empty awkward spaces, but a mid-sized bistro table is a fantastic way to add dynamics and interest. TIP: This is by no means a new ‘trend’ but checkered floors are coming back into fashion. If a check floor is a little too bold for your taste, there are many ways of incorporating triangles into a floor tile that are subtle and elegant. Check out our Pinterest for inspiration. 

Transform Awkward Corners

Awkward corners can often be a designers nightmare, but they don’t have to be. Have you ever thought of using our wall-mount padded headboards to create a soft baguette seating area in your kitchen, or even a mud or boot room in an entryway? The hanging fabric headboards add lightness and style to any space. You can add further interest by creating a small gallery wall with black thin frames and layer your seating area with an eclectic collection of cushions.

Create a Romantic Writing Room aka Office  

What could be more romantic than transforming your office space into an elegant writing room?
You don’t need to be Ernest Hemingway to create an elegant, understated and practical office space that feels more like a writing room in the countryside of Provence than a makeshift office in the corner of your bedroom.  Practical and joyful should be the focus when it comes to your desk setup. Adding extra home decor design touches like stacked books and vases full of fresh flowers may not be functional, but they do set the right tone for your workspace so that a dreary desk area turns into a welcoming, inspirational place for you to create the best work of your career.  



So there you have it! Try out these tricks and tips to transform your space into a modern french countryside escape. All month long we will be exploring our inspiration du jour, so be sure to follow us on Instagram for more inspiration! 

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