Operating Values

The journey starts with integrity.

So we aim to work with open, kind, and energetic people who get a lot of satisfaction in delivering a higher standard of work. It is important that we maintain this ideal, since people like this really enjoy working with like-minded teammates

We advocate transparency and trust so that accountability can prevail.

That being said, we don't stand for bureaucracy, roadblocks, or unreliable people—we don't play the status game. This allows for an environment of free flowing of ideas, without judgment.

We aim to play the long term game with long-term people, those who value patience and can adopt both a micro and macro mindset.

We are humans running a business, not business running humans.

We will only thrive both as humans, and as a business by adding more value than what is currently being offered. That means being extremely consumer centric (check out our mission to see how we aim to achieve this). 

We support everyone working in a manner that helps them perform their best and hold themselves accountable for their responsibilities. 

Nathan James is a calm company. One that isn’t fueled by stress, or ASAP, or rushing, or impossible promises, or consistently missed deadlines, or manufactured busywork, or incorrect assumptions that lead to systemic institutional anxiety.

We strongly value objective decision making, so we spend substantial resources to build systems and decision/thought frameworks. This also enables us to have game plans that don't get side-tracked by emotions or minor bumps in the road.

We aren't afraid to make mistakes, and more so we're not afraid to take ownership of them.

Thus, we don't follow the typical corporate playbook. We don't pre-define nor limit an individuals career trajectory - it should come down to opportunity, desire, and demonstrable capabilities.

Lastly, We minimize our focus on negativity in tough moments, and convene around the go-forward strategy or how we are thinking about the challenge.